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"ZEPHYR" means a gentle breeze in French.
It is a series of stylish tableware with an image of new phase from Arita.
It is especially made for French or Italian restaurants based on great chef, Shimpei Matsuo's creation with Arita ceramists for 15 years until he deceased at age 50 in 2007.
The concept is "Japanese spirit and Western learning".
It is designed to have a sharpness and an expressing overall tenderness.
Based on white porcelain it is carved and painted with colors using Arita traditional techniques.
Fireproof ceramics such as earthenware pot is usable for open fires and oven cooking.
It widens your variation of cooking with its modern sophisticated shape.
Customized service
We will design and make an original ZEPHYR according to your restaurant's image and concept.
Please ask freely we take small orders too.
Chef, Shimpei Matsuo had visited Arita, Saga for 15 years.
He created numerous ceramics himself in order to use at his restaurants and for his own exhibitions.
What supported his enthusiasm and talent were the techniques of the Arita ceramics which was cultivated through its 400 years of history and the young serramists who inherited it.
It is the "ZEPHYR" which is especially made for restaurants as the new proposal for stylish crockery under Shimpei Matsuo's general supervising.
Profile of Shimpei Matsuo
Expert in the culinary art.
Ceramic artist and a fine art painter.

He was born in Fukuoka city, Fukuoka in 1956.
In 1991 he opened a restaurant called "SHIMPEI".
Started to take an interest in ceramics.
Exhibited at Tamagawa Takashimaya, Four Seasons Hotels, Aoyama Yufuku, CASSINA-IXC and more.

In 2005 he exhibited "Universe on a dish", collaborated with Mr. Hiroshi Senju.
In February 2007 deceased.
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Akasaka, Arita, Saga 844-0024 Japan